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 Message from the WRPS President

April 19, 2012 President’s Report

trackmobile being offloaded at Rail Park Another season is nearly upon us, and it's time to reflect on the past year, and think about the challenges ahead of us in 2012.

Our last summer was slower than usual, which can most likely be blamed on the economic downturn. We did not see many tourists from the US or overseas, which has not been the case in past years. Tourists were mostly from Alberta and Saskatchewan, and although numbers were down, our gift shop sales were strong.

Kendra Doetzel returned as our summer student. She did a stellar job accessioning artifacts, and labeling displays. A new Railroad tool display was completed in the back room of our bunkhouse. Kendra assisted with guided tours, grass cutting, cleaning and also took care of the gift shop. The Step Program has been approved July and August 2012, and we will be taking applications for the position soon.

Our major event last year, was “Family Train Day”, organized jointly with Shelly England, a local photographer. Shelly turned her entire sales for the day over to us. The turnout was fantastic, and Shelly has indicated that she would like to make this an annual event. Hats off to you, Shelly, for making this such a great event! Thanks also to all our volunteers, and the additional vendors (face painting, CNR Historical Association), and the Wainwright Wheelers Car Club.

The moving of 1404 was finally accomplished last summer, and we now have assembled a typical “way freight” of 1950’s vintage. The moving proved a bit more challenging that anyone expected. Enough said!!

Last fall, Bunge Canada, Ft Saskatchewan, donated their old trackmobile to Wainwright Rail Park. To the surprise of most of us, it fired up easily, and was loaded and unloaded under its own power. Thanks to Board members Cliff Beazley, Butch Panter, and Lloyd Hill for giving up a Saturday morning for delivery of the unit, and to Rent World for the use of the truck and trailer.

Kendra Doetzel posed as “brakeperson” on a boxcar. The Town of Wainwright Rec Board informed us last fall, that they would donate the Travel Alberta Teepee on Highway 14 to our organization. I have the support of Fortis to move power lines if we can keep the height as low as possible. Davco has been approached, but have not got back to me on the moving of the teepee as of this writing. I will be following up.

We have had some preliminary discussions with Gary Southgate of Battleford, SK, about storage/display of some rail cars that he has acquired. Gary is expected at our Annual meeting, where the matter can be discussed further. I have photos of the cars in question as well as their mechanical drawings. We will need to lay track to complete the line south of the speeder shed.

I recently had the opportunity to talk at length with a Town Councilor, and the possibility of some assistance was discussed. At a minimum, it appears that the Town would provide some assistance with road/path access within the park. The subject of a possible trailer park was again discussed. Services to the area being the main concern. Discussions will continue. I have suggested that the Mayor, Town Councilors, and executive officers should tour our facility. A letter should be sent to Council, at an appropriate date, to organize a tour.

Our 5 year Alberta Museums Association “Recognized Museum” certification is due for renewal by October 31, 2012. It is a lengthy process where we must show our commitment to museum practices, and the care and cataloguing of our collection. It will take much time, and I will need assistance. This is something I cannot do on my own.

So, with much to discuss, and a lot of projects ahead of us, let’s hope for more, and younger, active members, and let’s hope for a successful 2012.

Respectfully submitted
Don McGuire

GMD-1 1404 graphical image

Summer 2011 at Wainwright Rail Park

A lot of projects were undertaken at Wainwright Rail Park this past summer.

Several displays were changed or updated in our display building, to better display our growing collection of railroad artifacts. This included re-arranging our lantern and switch lamp collection, and adding a interesting collection of BCRail items donated by Adrian Telizyn of Fort St John, BC. A number of items donated by Frank Craig are also now on display for our visitors to enjoy.

Our STEP summer student, Kendra Doetzel, accessioned several thousand magazines, books and railway paper items into our library files. In addition many lanterns, photos and other smaller items were catalogued, with several large photos being framed to archival standards. Kendra also kept the grass and flower beds under control, and assisted with setting up new displays in the now nearly completed bunkhouse. Several tools were painted in appropriate colors, and mounted to the tool room walls in the back of the bunkhouse. She also undertook repainting of the speeder shed which now matches the period paint applied to the bunkhouse. She also assisted with guided tours of Wainwright Rail Park.

Kendra has now returned to the U of A for her 4th year of university. We thank her for her assistance this summer and a “job well done”. Good luck with your studies.

 MT14 in Historic Track Inspection Run

Commemorating Retirement of Wainwright West Subdivision Track Supervisor

Harvey Chrystian, Ret., September 2010 Wainwright Rail Park was contacted in August, 2010 by Harvey Chrystian, Track Supervisor for CN’s Wainwright West Subdivision. Harvey was looking to borrow or rent a speeder and knew we had one operational at Wainwright Rail Park. Harvey was going to retire in October, and wanted to go out in “style,” by doing a track inspection of the entire subdivision, by motorcar. We agreed to provide a speeder owned by member Dennis Lever, of Viking, as was the most roadworthy in our collection, an important point as it would be operating on CN’s mainline from Edmonton, AB to Biggar, SK.

CN Wainwright Sub Mechanic, Tom Kendrick was sent to inspect and service the speeder, and was pleasantly surprised to find it in such good condition. It was given a fresh battery, choke cable, a full grease job, and oil change. The lighting was checked out and one additional light added for reverse movements. A little gas in the tank and it ran like new. Tom also replaced a small piece of glass from spare parts we had available, and did a few other minor repairs.

The motorcar was picked up at Wainwright Rail Park on Friday September 17, by Erik Hauck with the CN frog truck, and delivered to Edmonton.

The motorcar inspection trip began in Edmonton on Tuesday September 21, with Harvey Chrystian at the controls. Also participating in the trip were, Joe Wagner, Track Supervisor, Wainwright East Sub.(who is possibly retiring next year), Earle Robertson, Senior Manager Engineering, Alberta South, Larry McKay, Track Supervisor, Edmonton, AB, and Scott Kennedy, Relief Assistant Track Supervisor, Edmonton Area (a New Employee).

Track Inspection, September 2010 Day 1 ended at Kinsella (Mile 171, Wainwright Sub).

Day 2 would take them to Wainwright, and on to Chauvin, AB.

Numerous photo stops were made along the route, with the most stunning photo opportunity occurring while the motorcar crossed the 195 foot high Battle River Trestle, west of Wainwright. Photos were also taken as the speeder passed through Fabyan, and posed in front of the Wainwright Station. After a short break they were off to inspect the Wainwright East Sub.

Happy Retirement Harvey! Wainwright Rail Park was pleased to provide your motorcar for this historical track inspection.

 Preserving Canada’s Railway Tradition

Situated on a nine acre site adjacent to CN’s main line, Wainwright Rail Park captures a glimpse of Canada’s railway tradition through the real life depiction of a working rail yard where modellers and enthusiasts can picture the shape of things railroad from the near and distant past.

Artefacts are currently displayed in a speeder shed, a 24 x 40 foot year-round museum building, an 8 man bunkhouse, and a 30 x 40 building to house larger year-round displays, currently under development.

Wainwright Rail Park is located on Canola Road on the south side of CN’s Wainwright Yard. Canola Road can be easily accessed from Highway 14 by taking either 1st Street (Camp Road) over the overpass, or 14th street. We are located just east of Bunge Foods edible oil plant.


The Crossbuck

The Crossbuck may be downloaded in Adobe PDF format using the links below. These are large files, and may take a few moments on slow connections. Downloading is recommended. Simply ‘right-click’ the link, and choose “Save Target As” to save a copy of the file on your local disk drive. Adobe® Reader® required for viewing.